personal training

Personalised training programmes to achieve the results you’re after. One-to-one, couple or group training available.

one-to-one training

One-to-one personal training is one of the best ways to achieve the results you’re after.

An initial consultation and screening is compulsory before I decide on taking anyone on for training.

This will give me an understanding of what you’re physically able to do. Think of this as an MOT test which will allow me to design a longer term plan which will give you the best results possible.

pairs training

A great option if you’d like to train with a friend, colleague or the other half. This option is also popular with couples who want to get fit and spend time together.

Couples tend to get good results as they also hold each other accountable, and there’s the extra competition thrown in!

This is a good way to split the cost of training, and includes all the benefits of one-to-one training.

group training

(Max 4 people)

If you enjoy group exercise, this is the closest option to personal training in a small group setting, and is also cost effective. Plus its always more fun to exercise with your friends!

This option ensures each person receives close individual attention and guidance, and offers an excellent community building experience through the camaraderie.

clock icon

24/7 support

Support to help you stay on track and accountable.

strategy icon

strategic planning

Planning around your social events so that potential setbacks are no longer a problem due to a plan being in place beforehand.

progress icon

progressive training

Specific & progressive training to get you towards your goals.

food icon

nutrition planning

A nutrition plan designed around your lifestyle and goals, so that you can enjoy your favourite foods without the need to diet.

updates icon

regular updates

Regular updates to analyse your adherence to the plan, sleeping, energy levels and more.

doc icon

online resources

Access to online resources designed to help you keep progressing.

On the fence regarding personal training?

Start your 7-day free trial
Perhaps you’ve lost your way with your fitness, have stopped progressing, or are unsure how to get started. Start your  7-day free trial to get a deeper insight into how Kevin works and coaches clients. After the trial you can sign up as a client or leave. It’s that simple.

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